A Home Away From Home

Kid’s are like liquid electricity. Right from the first waking moment till the time they go to bed, they charge up the entire household with their unlimited energy. However, with the rise of nuclear family culture leading to vanishing family support, some kids as well as parents have to brave situations like less face time owing to more practical liabilities.

It takes a lot for parents to leave the apple of your eyes with someone else for the entire day. It becomes particularly difficult for working couples who have no support system at home to provide proper care for their little cherubs and at the same time meet up with the challenges and competition at work.

Typically what are the problems faced by working parents?

  • Providing childcare at home is highly expensive
  • It becomes difficult for aged and ailing parents to match up with the high energy level of growing kids without the support of someone younger in age
  • Safe and security issues of leaving the young kids with servants at home
  • In special situations like medical emergencies, will the servant be able to take the right decision and the right step?

Keeping such parents and kids in mind, we have created our daycare module with much love and care to make sure your kids get a completely homely atmosphere. Safety, hygiene, fun filled activities are at the very core of our daycare module.

What makes us stand apart from the rest?

  • We have an indigenous mix of care givers of diverse age groups - right from old and wise to young and energetic which ensures the right mix of experience and energy
  • The infrastructure of the day care is the best part as the kids get to sweat out in the open space throughout the day, play with bunnies and spend the entire day amidst nature
  • In terms of educational and other recreational toys, the kids are spoilt for choice. You name it and we have it
  • We have our kids library
  • The operating timings of the day care is from 8AM in the morning to 8PM in the evening.
  • There is special provision for keeping the kids for one to two hours as well –a day; a week; a month
  • Any customized arrangement.

Care Facilities

  • Pick up from school bus stop in afternoon
  • Homework assistance is available
  • Light evening snacks available
  • Indoor and outdoor games are available
  • Front lawn equipped with swings for kids
  • Pet animals - Rabbits cage
  • Splash pool during summers for kids
  • Open, well ventilated natural surroundings
  • Play school facility available for toddlers (1.5 years +)