Beyond Academics

Blossoms Kids School the best preparatory school in Sector-37, Faridabad offers a broad range of cultural and sporting activities for the development of all round personality of children.
Creative activities and development are important in Early Childhood that’s why campus is alive with buzzing activities like

  • Music and Dance Week
  • Audio-Visual Learning Aids
  • Drawing and colouring
  • Painting using various objects of daily use
  • Paper folding/Building blocks/Greeting card making
  • Celebration of National Days
  • Celebration of various festivals like baisakhi celebration, holi, diwali etc.
  • Celebration of days like colour day, mother’s day, grandparents’ day, vegetable day etc.
  • School functions like Sports Day, Annual Day etc.

The activities are taken up and celebrated with full enthusiasm by the whole school. These activities further help in developing the children physical, social, intellectual, emotional, creative abilities and build a strong character. Our aim is that they touch, see, taste, hear and smell and thereby striking an interesting balance between learning and playing.