A Day at Blossoms Kids

Well, every day is different but here we hope to give you an idea of what your child will experience when he or she joins us:

  • Greeted by the adoring staff and principal, the children rush to their choicest play area. The open space in the garden area amidst nature provides ample scope for the kids to replenish themselves basking under the morning sun where they get to toy with favourite gears such as the cycles, slides, see-saw etc.
  • One of the biggest attractions for kids is the rabbit’s den. They love to feed the animals and in turn inculcate the habit to nurture and care for domestic animals.
  • Thus begins the interaction with the peer group and mentors where they open up sharing various morning sparks. This is the time when the mentors share with the children the key learning ingredients of the day. Be it be vocabulary, activities, mathematics, etc.
  • 15-20 minutes into the play, the drums start beating and children line up to recite the morning prayers – invoking the spirituality and acknowledging the supreme power that runs this world. This is followed by rhymes, quick stories and delving further into the key learning elements of the day
  • The curious teeny-meenies enthusiastically walk / run back to their classes to build their day further.
  • This is followed by the morning breakfast/snacks break where the little ones eat nutritious meal assisted by the teachers and other support staff.
  • After satiating their little tummies the children are ready to pick the task of the day which is completed in full energy. Further, they take part in group activities – dance, singing; story telling.
  • By about 12:15, they are equipped with enough new experiences and raring to share it with their family. The kids are dropped home in custody of a care taker by school vans driven by experienced drivers.

Full of energy, the children enjoy the drive on way back to their homes indulging in small, innocent talks with each other fresh from the memory of the day at the school. To be back in school the next morning!