The first five years of life are crucial for development of a child. Apart from developing learning skills, the child has to go through some rapid transitions during this time such as the separation pangs with the primary care provider – Mom, Dad and Grandparents. In the process, they also learn to socialize and become independent.

Starting early ensures faster development. It has been observed that the children who start at an early age have an edge over those who start later, as they are well trained in important skills such as reading and numeracy by the time they start regular schooling. The social and communication skills of such children are far better than the late starters.

Blossoms – The nursery school maintains the Teacher Student ratio consistently at 1:10.

We offer the following programs to make learning a fun activity –

  • Toddlers / Playgroup (1+ years – 2+ years)
  • Pre Nursery (2+ years – 3+ years)
  • Nursery / Jr. KG (3+ years - 4+ years)
  • Prep / KG (4+ years - 5+ years)

Methodology Blossoms – the nursery school uses the play-way and experiential method of teaching encapsulating the concepts through stories and practical activities. The children are allowed to explore and visualize thereby creating an everlasting impact on the child’s memory.

Simple concepts like shapes, colors, fruits and vegetables are enacted; the numbers alphabets are rhymed; the number sense (big / small; up / down; etc) are practiced.
More importantly Blossoms encourages self-paced learning and open system.

The process of teaching harps on the three pronged methodology –

  • Involvement;
  • Exploration;
  • Achievement;